Sustainability scans for  heritage buildings. E4S Consult has conducted 6 sustainability / energy scans in order to assess the potential for sustainability and energy performance improvements for 6 heritage complexes/buildings. Among the building were a ... meer / more »

Development of 1,3 MW solarplant for municipality Montferland. E4S Consult together with AGEM have been contracted by the municipality of Montferland for the development of a 1,3 MW solarplant. This comprises the tender proces as well as the project ... meer / more »

Development of 6,6 MW solarPV for Dutch retail portfolio CBRE global. E4S Consult together with Greenspread have been contracted by CBRE global for the development of 6,6, MW solarPV in the Dutch retail portfolio's of CBRE Global Investors. This comprises ... meer / more »

890 kWp solar PV consultancy for Kadans Science Partner. E4S Consult has supported Kadans Science Partner with solar PV subsidies in their real estate portfolio as well as the development of business cases and the tender procedure for the procurement of ... meer / more »

Twenty energy scans for a portfolio of industrial heritage buildings. E4S Consult has conducted 20 energy scans in order to assess the potential for energy performance improvements for a portfolio of 20 industrial heritage buildings owned by BOEi. Among ... meer / more »

Sustainable business community Wageningen. E4S Consult provides the project manager and energy coach for the local sustainable business programme Wageningen Werkt Duurzaam, a collaboration of the business community  (WOC) and the local ... meer / more »

Lowering the energy costs for local parish halls. Energy costs for local parish halls and cultural centres are considerable. For the regional authority of Reimerswaal  E4S Consult has conducted energy scans for 6 local parish halls to gather ... meer / more »

Energy- en building services consult national monument 't Neije Raethuys. Assigned by the municipality Montferland E4S Consult together with  Tak Architecten has developed a number of energy concepts  for the  preliminary design of the refurbishement ... meer / more »

Supporting Hazemeijer Hengelo with a large scale solar PV system on industrial heritage buildings. E4S Consult supported Hazemeijer Hengelo B.V. with the planning and construction of a large scale solar PV-system (300 kWp). E4S consult applied for the ... meer / more »

Consultancy for the design and construction of a climate neutral national heritage building. E4S Consult supported BOEi with a plan for the climate neutral restoration of the national monument ENKA Westhal based on biomass heat supply and a large ... meer / more »

For clients E4S Consult acquired 1,5 million euro of SDE+ sudsidies for large scale solar PV plants in 2015. E4S Consult successfully applied for SDE+ subsidies for large scale solar power plants.  In 2015 1,5 million Euro has been granted for 1 MW of ... meer / more »

BREEAM post construction assessment for  nieuwAmsterdam building CBRE As BREEAM assessor Frank Zegers of E4S Consult has issued a BREEAM 3-star (Very Good)  post construction certificate for the sustainable redevelopment of the 35.000 m2  office ... meer / more »

BREEAM 'very good' post construction certificate datacenter Global Switch Amsterdam E4S Consult has provided the BREEAM assessor for the post construction certification of the Global Switch datacenter extension in Amsterdam with a total floor area of ... meer / more »

Working group solar roofs and parks. Facilitated by the Province of Gelderland a group of local sustainable energy companies have started a Community of Practice (CoP) with the goal to share knowledge, to find new solutions for local renewable energy ... meer / more »

78 kW solar PV system Harfsen: consultancy, tender procedure, subsidy apllication. In June 2013 a solar PV system of 78 kWp has been installed and put into operation on the roof of a dairy farmer in Harfsen Netherland. The succesfull subsidiy ... meer / more »

Impact national energy treaty on cultural heritage. E4S Consult supports the Federation for the Conservation of Monuments (FIM) - the national umbrella organisation that represents the interests of organizations concerned with ... meer / more »

BREEAM in Use International audit IT Tower Brussel Assigned on behalf of BNP Parisbas, E4S consult has provided the BREEAM assessor for the BREEAM in USE International certification of the IT Tower building in Brussels, Belgium with an overall ... meer / more »

Effect of municipal climate policies. The municipality of Wageningen has set ambitious climate goals.   In spring 2012 the ‘Roadmap for a climate neutral municpality of Wageningen in 2030’ has been adopted. The municipality ... meer / more »

BREEAM assessment datacenter Global Switch Amsterdam. E4S Consult has provided the BREEAM assessor for the certification of the Global Switch datacenter extension in Amsterdam with a total floor area of 2400 m2. The aim of Global Switch to realise ... meer / more »

MARIN realises largest PV system in Wageningen. The solar panels have been installed on the roof of one of the large water basins of the Maritime Research Institute in Wageningen (MARIN). The solar system of 320 kWp is expected to produce 280.000 ... meer / more »

Tender solar lease city hall Tiel. Assigned by the municipality of Tiel E4S Consult has supported the tender procedure for a 25 kWp solar energy system for the city hall. The site has a low tariff grid connection and the request was to tender a solar ... meer / more »

Solar energy for schools CPOB. Assigend by the municipality of Tiel E4S Consult has conducted a feasibility study for the realisation of solar energy for 5 schools of the school foundation Stichting Christelijk Primair Onderwijs Betuwe en Bommelerwaard ... meer / more »

Tender solar energy city hall Kapelle. Assigned by the municipality of Kapelle E4S consult has developped the tender documents and led the tender procedure for the municipality for the turn-key realisation of a 15 kWp photovoltaïc (PV) solar ... meer / more »

Subsidy application for 395 kWp solar. Assigned by a municipality, a research institute and a health care institute E4S consult has submitted SDE+ subsidy applications for in total 325 kWp solar PV and 70 kWp solar thermal ... meer / more »

Potential for solar thermal energy. Assigned by the Association for Solar Energy Wageningen E4S Consult has made a solar thermal energy technology assessment and elaborated a series of technology factsheets. With large real estate portfolio owers in ... meer / more »

Solar energy farmers Binnenveld. Assigned by the ANV Het Binnenveld, a regional nature protection association for farmers, E4S Consult organised a solar PV campaign. E4S consult has provided 2 information events on solar energy. The farmers could make ... meer / more »

Market consultation solar lease Tiel. Assigned by the municipality of Tiel E4S consult executed a market consultation into the supply of third party solar lease (ESCO) services that include design-build-finance-maintain-operate (DBFMO) activities for ... meer / more »

Tender solar energy city hall Goes. Assigned by the municipality of Goes E4S consult has developped the tender documents and led the tender procedure for the municipality for the turn-key realisation of a photovoltaïc (PV) solar energy system on ... meer / more »

Feed-in policies Dutch energy suppliers. Assigened by the Solar Energy Association Wageningen E4S Consult and employees of the association compiled an overview of feed-in policies for solar energy of 25 Dutch energy suppliers. The november 2012 update ... meer / more »

BREEAM energy credit for sustainable cooling warehouse. Assigned by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) E4S consult has drafted a BREEAM  energy credit for the bespoke assessment of the  proces related energy consumption of a cooling ... meer / more »

Sustainable Refurbishment Shopping Centre  Gouda. Frank Zegers of E4S Consult is BREEAM assessor for the sustainable refurbishment of the shopping centre located at the Kleiweg in Gouda. The BREEAM ambition level for this refurbishment is 3 stars  or ... meer / more »

PV campaign city of Wageningen. E4S Consult has been assigned by the Solar-energy Association Wageningen to manage the procurement of turn-key solar systems for a solar PV campaign in Wageningen. The campaign is targeted at private homeowners, ... meer / more »

Development of BREEAM NL guideline for sustainable data centers. Contracted by the Dutch Green Building Council Frank Zegers conducted the project management for the development of the Dutch version of the BREEAM sustainable building assesment ... meer / more »

Energy monitoring and management COFRA HOLDING. Together with an inter-national team of Cofra Holding, E4S Consult compiled the specifications for an energy monitoring system for the international offices of Cofra Holding. Based on these specification ... meer / more »

Solar energy as cash cow for farmers. Assigned by the municipality of Overbetuwe E4S Consult provided workshops on solar energy for farmers. Subsequently for a group of 30 farmers a collective procurement has been organised that has led to a turn-key ... meer / more »

Sustainable refurbishment rehabilitation centre Revant. Assigned by rehabilitation centre Revant and in co-operation with a project team with a byuilding contractor (Winters), an HVAC installation company (Kropman), an electrical installation company ... meer / more »

BREEAM assessment ING building Nieuw Amsterdam. E4S Consult was selected as BREEAM assessor for the certification of the ING Nieuw Amsterdam refurbishment project. Is involves a redevelopment of a large building complex totalling 40.000 m2 floor ... meer / more »